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I was the engineering lead on the Marketing Technology team.

  • Avaform (leadgen form deployed to CDN, unified through all properties)
  • Automated PPC Bid Adjustment (integrations between Adwords, Marin, Salesforce, Eloqua)
  • Signature Generator (Email signature generator for US, EMEA/UK and India teams, 900+ employees)
  • Query String Generator (marketing query strings with partner attribution)
  • AvaTax Free Trial (integration with AvaTax, Zuora and Marketing API)
  • Online Buying (custom ecommerce shopping cart experience and account provisioning with AvaTax)


"Title" Platform(s) (Company/Client) Year Shipped, Framework

  • "Mr. Nik's Crazy Kart" PC/Wii (Moonbyte Games/Snapdragon Games) [Did Not Ship], Unity
  • "Mr. Nik's Crazy Kart" Facebook (Moonbyte Games/Snapdragon Games) 2009, Unity
  • "Waddlefield" iPhone (Nick Breslin) 2009, Unity
  • "Logistics Command" Web (Nick Breslin) 2009, Unity
  • "Cubees: Age of Exploration" PC/Web (Nick Breslin) 2009, Unity
  • "Forgotten Isles" PC/Web (Nick Breslin) 2010, Unity
  • "Color Matching" Web (Nick Breslin) 2010, Unity
  • "Rockerpong" Facebook/MySpace (Overinteractive Media Inc) 2010
  • "Sugar Rush Rally" Facebook (Overinteractive Media Inc) 2010, Unity
  • "Patriots of War" Facebook (Overinteractive Media Inc) 2010, Incendio (PHP)
  • "Plastic Army Men" Facebook (Overinteractive Media Inc) 2010, Incendio (PHP)
  • "Pot Farm Raiders" Facebook (Overinteractive Media Inc) 2011, Incendio (PHP)
  • "Phineas and Ferb: The Movie Game" Facebook (Overinteractive Media Inc/Disney) 2011, Unity
  • "Spy Kids 4" Facebook/Weinstein Site (Overinteractive Media Inc/The Weinstein Company) 2011, Incendio (PHP)
  • "The World Is Flat" Facebook (Nick Breslin) 2011, Unity
  • "Westeros" PC (Nick Breslin) 2011, Unity
  • "La Franchise" Facebook/VTele Site (Overinteractive Media Inc/V Tele) 2011, Incendio (PHP)
  • "Cover Me Canada" Facebook/CBC (Overinteractive Media Inc/CBC) 2011, Zend (PHP)
  • "Battle of the Blades" Facebook/CBC (Overinteractive Media Inc/CBC) 2011, Zend (PHP)
  • "Kraft Hockeyville 2012" Facebook/CBC (Overinteractive Media Inc/CBC) 2011, Zend (PHP)
  • "Social Consequences" Facebook (Nick Breslin) 2011, PHP
  • "Live Right Now" Facebook/CBC (Overinteractive Media Inc/CBC) 2012, Zend (PHP)
  • "Cupcake Delight in Space" Web (Nick Breslin) 2012, HTML
  • "Materia" PC/Web (Nick Breslin) 2012, Unity
  • "Bakeneko" PC/Web (Nick Breslin) 2012, Unity
  • "Chameleon" PC/Web (Nick Breslin) 2012, Unity
  • "CineCoup" Facebook/Web (Overinteractive Media Inc) 2012, Zend (PHP)