Now is the winter of our discontent.

I've proposed an ambitious path for myself over the next four months. A crash course in frameworks, technologies and processes that have been pushed to the wayside over the past few years, when the immediate and intense focus was on building an amazing marketing technology team and platform.

For Q1 2016 I've identified a number of projects for myself to gain a passing knowledge with. As I expand from development into more strategist/consultant, it's essential to have a broader knowledge of available tools.

First and Foremost


HTML5 Canvas, AngularJS, EmberJS

Write a simple backgammon game using HTML5 Canvas and jQuery. This is what I would traditionally build an widget or app with. This will serve as the control case and then I'll rewrite the application in both AngularJS and EmberJS to compare and test against.


MongoDB, Node Framework

Backend, multiplayer portion of our above-mentioned backgammon game. Implement NodeJS on a server for match-making and MongoDB game persistence. Investigate a framework like Skeleton.


Ansible, Composer

I spent 2012-2015 wearing many hats, but devops and release management was a very enjoyable one that lacked a lot of automation and process.

Micro Framework


I've been working with Zend since 2010, and while it is fantastic, is it overkill for most of my projects. I've discovered the microframework Slim and need to adopt a replacement.

Beyond Q1


Going Mobile

Exploring publishing with Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) and Unity (Mobile) to iTunes App Store and Google Play.


Professional Development

Development professional-quality presentations for use at Unity, Wordcamp, etc conferences. The goal is to begin speaking in 2017 at events.